All In One Solar Garden Lights QF-GL01-UFO

Get the best of both worlds with Qifeng's All In One Solar Garden Lights. This waterproof LED garden lamp is perfect for your outdoor lighting needs, featuring a powerful 250W UFO Round Led design and up to 500W output.


Get the best All in One solar garden lights from Qifeng. Our LED garden lamps, pole LED solar street lights, and round UFO solar lawn lights are waterproof and perfect for outdoor use.


From The Professional All In One Led Solar Street Light Manufacturer - Qifeng

Solar panel - fast charging

Solar panel - fast charging High-quality A-class large board, 17%-8% oflightconversion, full charge in about 7 hours, the surfaceis fully utilized by glass cover


Rain and lightning protection function Outdoor rainy days can also be illuminated

Motion and light sensor

SENSITIVE MICROWAVE INDUCTION 100% brightness when people around the lamp30% brightness when people leave to ensure longer working time

All In One Solar Street Lights Design

Whole row of vents,Die-casting and hole-dissipating heatenhance heat dissipation of lamps anbatteries, and extend lamp life.

Abs Lamp Housing

The lamp housing adopts high quality ABS engineering plastic, which is solid and durable

Radar Sensor

When someone comes, the lights are on,after people go, the lights are dimly lit

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Additional information


All in one solar street light - QF-SL01A


‎Aluminum, Metal

Light fixture form


Product Dimensions

1140*300*43mm (Dimensions can be customized)

Specific Uses For Product

Outdoor Lighting

Power Source

Solar Powered

Special Feature


Control Method


Lighting Method



Glorsem: A leading manufacturer of Street Lights

Country of Origin


Switch Installation Type

Wall Mount