Qifeng Lighting Co., Ltd. (Brand: Glorsem) has been the preferred LED lighting services provider for top corporations nationwide for over a decade.

Our expertise encompasses commercial, residential, and infrastructure lighting solutions, including national road projects in the Philippines. One notable accomplishment is our 3 km national road lighting project in Carmona Cavite.

Carmona, a first-class municipality in Cavite, is a bustling hub for investment and sports. Glorsem Corporation enhanced Carmona's national road by delivering brighter, safer lighting solutions. We successfully installed cost-effective, eco-friendly LED solar streetlights along the 3 km stretch, significantly improving visibility and safety.

Our solar streetlights harness the power of sunlight, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional electricity-dependent streetlights. The lighting products installed along Carmona's national road reduce accidents through adequate illumination and provide enhanced safety with minimal chances of overheating or accidents due to their low maintenance and absence of external wires.

The Advantages of Eco-Friendly National Road Lighting

Glorsem Corporation's eco-friendly LED lights for national roads are constructed using high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. By opting for our LED technology, clients can enjoy several benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Our national road lighting solutions enable cities and municipalities to reduce operational costs. The superior brightness of our LED lights ensures optimal illumination while consuming significantly less electricity compared to traditional options and other brands. Moreover, our products offer uninterrupted visibility during power outages, ensuring reliability.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our LED lights for national roads function without emitting harmful greenhouse gases, allowing cities and municipalities to adopt energy-efficient lighting and contribute to environmental preservation.

Low Maintenance

Our durable national road lighting solutions are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. With a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, our products guarantee uninterrupted illumination, reducing maintenance costs.

Glorsem Corporation is dedicated to providing high-quality LED lighting products to every Filipino. Whether you require exceptional national road lighting solutions or embark on a national road lighting project, contact us today for a quote. Make the switch to Glorsem Corporation and illuminate national roads with eco-friendly brilliance.